Bike to E-Bike Conversions

Love your old bike but want some electric assistance?
We can turn the bike you love into a full-fledged electric bike with our mid-drive motor conversions!
We can convert around 90% of Adult Hybrid, Mountain and Racing bikes.
The important part is the width of the bottom bracket being 67mm, with the inner diameter being no smaller than 32.5mm
We can convert most Folding Bikes into Mid Drive Electric Bikes (E-Bikes) and retain folding ability*
*Brompton folding bikes can be converted but due to the way they are built, they lose their ability to fold. **Bikes with kick stands under the pedal area may need additional modification to accomodate correct mid drive motor positioning



250w 36v Conversion - 

Bafang 36v 250w Mid-Drive motor + 500c display 

36v 17.4ah Downtube battery or 36v 21ah Downtube battery

Total price - £885 for 17.4ah option, £965 for 21ah option

*Throttle will be provided as it is part of the conversion kit, but to keep the bike road legal, it will not be fitted unless the customer requests it, then (if the fit is requested) the customer takes complete responsibility for the bike no longer being road legal.


We also offer 500w & 750w conversions, but the customer takes complete responsibility for the bike no longer being road legal according to UK Road laws.

500w 36v Conversion - 

Bafang 36v 500w Mid-Drive motor + 500c display

36v 17.4ah Downtube battery or 36v 21ah Downtube battery

Total customer price - £935 for 17.4ah, £1015 for 21ah


500w 48v Conversion - 

Bafang 48v 500w Mid-Drive motor + 500c display

48v 13ah Downtube battery or 48v 17.5ah Downtube battery

Total price - £975 for 13ah option, £1045 for 17.4ah option


750w 48v Conversion - 

Bafang 48v 750w Mid-Drive motor + 500c display

Hailong 48v 13ah Downtube battery or 48v 17.4ah Downtube battery 

Total price - £1065 for 13ah option, £1135 for 17.4ah option



    The process - Customer pays for the conversion & courier costs upfront, as soon as the money comes through/clears parts will be ordered.

    Parts take around 3-7 days to arrive and it's around a 2 day turnaround time to complete the work. The customer will be contacted to have their bike delivered to us (or bring it to us) once the kit has arrived, this is to minimize the time customer is without their bike. The conversion will be done, final checks undertaken and courier arranged to deliver the customers Brand New Converted E-Bike back to them (or collected).

     - Other options such as a Hailong style Downtube battery secured to a Rear Pannier instead of the downtube (for example due to lack of space) can be discussed for an additional cost, also dual battery configurations (for additional range) can be discussed for additional cost as well


    - We generally offer courier delivery & pickup of conversions & custom built bikes, in person collections/pickups can be discussed.
    - Courier costs are not included in the conversion costs due to costs varying by distance. Customers are responsible for courier delivery costs, which will be discussed upfront before conversion is confirmed.
    - If a bike is sent to us and the conversion cannot be completed (for example bottom bracket size/diameter is too small for the motor to fit) we will issue a full refund, minus the courier costs and £50 for labour.
    We offer a 12 month warranty on the electrical parts of the converted bike, (battery, display and motor) please see here for detailed warranty conditions -