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Rear Rack E-Bike Battery for Bafang E-Bike Conversion Kits

Rear Rack E-Bike Battery for Bafang E-Bike Conversion Kits

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Varstrom Rear Rack E-Bike Battery for Bafang eBike Conversion Kits

Bettery for Bafang Drive Kits

Varstrom offers special batteries for Bafang motors, the battery has built-in BMS for Bafang motors.


Please Note - This product is the Battery and Rack as a unit with fittings, please check the measurements of the rack before buying.


Power Options

Choose between 36v, 48v and 52v Rear Rack battery for your E-Bike/E-Bike conversion

Protection Function

Overpower Protection - Over Voltage Protection - Over Current Protection - Over Discharge Protection - Cell Balancing - Overcharge Protection - Short Circuit Protection


  • Rated Volt: 36/48/52 (V)
  • Rated Capacity: 22.5/17.5/17.5 (Ah)
  • Battery Cell: 2500mah/2500mah [Panasonic]/2500mah [Panasonic]
  • Cell Arrangement: 10s9p/13s7p/14s7p
  • Battery Size: 476*165*90 (mm)
  • Rack/Mount dimensions (please see images)
  • Battery Weight: 7/6/6 (kg)
  • Max Constant Discharge Current: 30 (A)
  • Peak Current: 60 (A)
  • Charge Voltage: 42/54.6/58.8 (V)
  • Cut-off Voltage: 28/36.4/36.4 (V)
  • Way of Charge: CC/CV
  • Charging Time: 2000
  • Charge Temperature: -15 to 65 (℃)
  • Discharge Temperature: -15 to 65 (℃)
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